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With our Script writing services, we can help you with any kind of script to keep your message on point. We can also add humor to keep their attention.

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Script Writing

It all starts with a script

Before we can produce your masterpiece - you need a good script. Sean Sanczel has been writing for the stage and screen for over 15 years. Let us help you develop your ideas into an amazing, working script.

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Written works

I have written everything from childrens' books to TV shows to full-blown musicals. Below you'll find some examples:

Animal Outtakes

I was co-creator and head writer for the Animal Outtakes show. It aired in Sarasota, FL, Huntsvile, AL, Jacksonville, FL before finally being sold into syndication. I also did all the animation - it was a unique show that featured a "live" host and animated "co-hosts"..

The Big Finish

The Big Finish is a musical comedy about politics, falling in love... and the end of the world. Not just any "end of the world" either... the actual, biblical "end of the world." The play features Gabriel the Arch Angel, the President of the United States, Lucifer and even God Himself (in an Act of God).

Reviews for
The Big Finish

..."Tampa resident Sanczel is inventive, unpredictable, ingratiating and simply wacky. This is a composer whose melodies recall Meredith Wilson and Andrew Lloyd Webber, a lyricist who's as quick with a witty turn of phrase as with a heartfelt love letter, and an actor/director with a Mel Brooksian love of a visual gag." "...by the third act of the play -- when the key characters include God, the angel Gabriel and the Devil -- the writing is original, the suspense real and the payoff hilarious" " ...proof that Sanczel is the Bay area's most promising playwright. "... a key passage in the making of an important local talent."
Mark Leib Critic for the Weekly Planet, Tampa, FL

The importance of being ernie

This is my play about Ernie Kovacs, a broadcast TV pioneer and comedian. He had various shows on in the '50's and his zany use of the new medium inspired many, many others. I starred in the Gorilla Theatre production as Kovacs, with Jessica Alexander and Billy Martinez each taking care of a multitude of other character roles. We used TV screens on the stage and it was a very "multimedia" experience.

Reviews for Ernie Kovacs

"...Tampa actor Sean Sanczel, who is of Hungarian descent, wrote this hilarious, insightful play. He also portrays Kovacs. It turns out to be inspired casting..." "...Sanczel weaves the narrative with not-to-be-missed segments of Kovacs' zany humor..." "...To be sure, Sanczel's revival of Kovacs' comedy is brilliant and should be the reason you call for tickets the minute you finish reading this..."
Joanne Milani
Tampa Tribune
Published September 21, 2004

"As an actor ⁄ writer ⁄ Ernie Fan, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed Sean Sanczel’s play entitled The Importance Of Being Ernie. Someone had written me an email asking a question about Ernie's fight to get his kids back, and I ran a search on Kippie Kovacs. Sean’s play came up, and I downloaded it in PDF and read it. It’s the first time I've ever read an Ernie related play (and I’ve heard about or seen most of them) where I actually thought the writer really nailed the essence of the man without being long and boring. It had a production in Florida during 2003, and let’s please get it up here to New York so I can audition for it! Sean played himself and Ernie in the play. It features multi – media elements as well as the standard stage theatrics, all done neatly and logically, and most importantly in a way that will help to familiarize the uninitiated with Ernie’s particular form of genius while causing the afcianado to marvel at it’s accuracy. If you click the link on the menu to the right [below] you will see photos (he bears a striking resemblance) and you can also download the script in PDF format. Read it. It’s great. This will be much better than me giving you a long – winded description."
Al Quagliata

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