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Jammer Saves the Farm

Florida Strawberry Growers

Join Jammer - the talking, singing, dancing strawberry as he teaches you all about the strawberry farms of Florida. An enchanting, interactive story about a little strawberry who winds up saving the entire strawberry farm. There's also games, puzzles and a test of your "berry knowledge" with a fun quiz. Brought to you by the Florida Strawberry Growers Association.

Pencilman and the Big machine

Pencilman Books

Yes! It's Pencilman! Known the world over as the funny, talking, singing, dancing, scribbling little yellow pencil. Join Pencilman, Tim the eraser and the rest of the desktop gang on their first adventure as they set off to discover what happened to the drawing paper. The mean old pen - "Inketta" - tells them that a new big machine is now on the desktop, and it has all the paper locked up in something called a "printer"! Will Pencilman solve the mystery of the Big Machine and get back some of his beloved paper? This interactive book app is filled with beautiful 3D artwork, a wonderful story and even lets the user draw and color! Discover the many (sometimes hidden) things to click on to interact with the story in real time. Also, Pencilman and Tim are featured in little video animations and they talk directly to the reader. Let your child read to themselves or have the narrator read to them as they discover the exciting world of Pencilman.

SunnyBell's Florida Dairy Farm is a fun, interactive romp through a Florida dairy farm. You'll follow the adventure of SunnyBell - a little calf who longs to be an important part of the dairy, and winds up educating kids all about nutritious milk and where it comes from.

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