Animation Services

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We provide all kinds of animation services -
from 2D to 3D to compositing over live-action footage.

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Animation Services

Why USe Animation?

Study after study has shown the effectiveness of animation in getting your point across. People retain more of the information. They are more apt to watch and watch longer when they do. If you're thinking about animation for your project, Pencilman Animation and Video has been doing it for over 15 years. We can walk you through the entire process.

We can create for you:

• Logo Characters - from the ground up or based on your existing drawing.

• Animated Explainer Videos - these explain your company or a complicated process within your business.

•  Educational Films

• Animation over Live-Action Footage

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Our Process

This Is How We Do It

1. Consultation

2. Planning and Script

3. Character Creation

4. Animation

5. Final Video

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